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Many investors are deterred by financing, practicalities, lack of time or local knowledge, but Low Meadows Property fills that breach. We help investors to establish a foothold in the market, build portfolios and benefit from outstanding yields.

Our Services

We’re big enough to have everything you need but small enough to be flexible. Although we’ve laid out the basics of our services here, we welcome all enquiries concerning property investment and wealth creation.

Property Search

We have a detailed understanding of the areas in which we work and the income and capital growth potential of all types of property. We’ll help you find the right property, either ready to let or ripe for refurbishment. We’ll be guided by your budget and preferred method of financing the purchase and ensure you make the most of your outlay.

Property Refurbishment

If a property needs substantial work, we can handle it. Our expertise can get a property up-to-spec quickly, surpassing ‘Decent Homes’ standards and fully compliant with all aspects of health and safety. We’ll give you a firm quote for the upgrade right at the outset, so you’ll always know your costs and the property’s true value.

Property Management

We can undertake to manage all aspects of renting the property, including sourcing and vetting suitable tenants, repairs and maintenance, inspections, safety certification, deposit protection, rent collection and arrears management.

We can arrange all the tenancy agreements, inventories and check-in and out services and ensure that you meet all your legal obligations as a landlord.

Portfolio Management

If you have a property portfolio or want to grow one, our dedication, advice and practical support will help. Any inquires will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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