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The asset that is generating the most consistent returns is property. It’s one of only a few areas where you can still enjoy high yields. Unlike other investment strategies, it comes with the reassurance that property will never go out of fashion.

Having said that, making returns on property isn’t child’s play. It takes experience to know and understand the market. It’s critical to pinpoint the upcoming locations and the right types of property. You have to know where to spend, where to save and be familiar with all the nuances of demand and supply. It’s all important. That’s why help from partners like Low Meadows Property is invaluable.

Our tried and tested methods work. Double figure returns are our norm, not an exception. We’re a small team, friendly, practical and dedicated to generating wealth from smart investment in the North West. It’s a market that’s in its sweet spot right now, and it’s the ideal time to have a serious conversation about boosting your prosperity.

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Property Search

We have a detailed understanding of the areas in which we work and the income and capital growth potential of all types of property. We’ll help you find the right property, either ready to let or ripe for refurbishment. We’ll be guided by your budget and preferred method of financing the purchase and ensure you make the most of your outlay.

Property Refurbishment

If a property needs substantial work, we can handle it. Our expertise can get a property up-to-spec quickly, surpassing ‘Decent Homes’ standards and fully compliant with all aspects of health and safety. We’ll give you a firm quote for the upgrade right at the outset, so you’ll always know your costs and the property’s true value.

Property Management

We can undertake to manage all aspects of renting the property, including sourcing and vetting suitable tenants, repairs and maintenance, inspections, safety certification, deposit protection, rent collection and arrears management. We can arrange all the tenancy agreements, inventories and check-in and out services and ensure that you meet all your legal obligations as a landlord.

Portfolio Management

If you have a property portfolio or want to grow one, our dedication, advice and practical support will help. Any inquires will be treated in the strictest confidence.

I’m based in London and my knowledge of Manchester is limited but I still wanted to access its high yielding rental market. A contact suggested LMP, who organised a half-day tour of potential areas, and I was impressed with the level of knowledge and insight. This has been a truly “hands-off” process. My new Manchester portfolio is well managed, worry-free and delivering double-digit returns on my investment

I buy up run-down houses to flip and LMP has been brilliant at taking away all the hassle involved in engaging with builders and trades, delivering a full turnkey solution. LMP sourced likely prospects and produced a full finance map showing likely outcomes and profits. Most importantly they delivered exactly what was forecast. I’m now on my 5th project with LMP and am looking forward to getting more involved.

Even though I’m Manchester based, it’s challenging to grow a portfolio in the city while working a full-time demanding job. Through working with LMP, I have been able to accelerate my portfolio’s growth rate and am now buying 6 houses per year instead of 2. I get all the information required at the very start of the process so I can decide whether the deal is right for me and LMP delivers time and time again on the forecasted costings and outcomes.

Moving to a new house is stressful enough, but when our buyer pulled out at the last minute, it looked like the chain would collapse and we would lose the home we were buying. LMP stepped in and worked with us to complete the sale in under 3 weeks! LMP is a no-nonsense solution provider. On the back of the fantastic service we’ve received, we are now looking to enter into the buy to let market with LMP.